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9 Reasons Why People Choose To Use Basic Property Maintenance

  • People & Environmentally friendly – We’re committed to protecting you, your staff, your equipment and the environment in all the services we conduct, whether it’s a small office complex or a large industrial factory.
  • Guarantee of Excellence – We’re one of the few high pressure graffiti removal and sealing services that stands behind its service, which means “If you’re not totally happy with it, we’ll do it again for free”.
  • Qualified service professionals, No DIYs – We know how tempting it is to get a cloth, some methylated spirits or a cleaning product to remove graffiti, unwanted scale or dirt to save a few bucks. However, this is an extremely dangerous practice. Over the years we’ve seen many DIYs turn a $500 job into a $5,000 job simply because they thought they’d do it themselves, which resulted in more damage being made. You need people with the right skills and qualifications, especially when you’re dealing with specialized cleaning agents, so don’t risk it!
  • Impeccable Safety Record – To date, our safety record is impeccable. This is due to our systems, our top of the line equipment, our work ethic and our experience in the industry. Our highest priority is always the safety of our clients, your staff and guests, and your building and assets.
  • Insured for your protection – All Basic Property Maintenance staff are qualified, licensed and have their own public liability insurance, so you not only get peace of mind, your equipment and assets are protected, and you get a professional service and finish to the highest standard.
  • Local professionals supporting their local economy – With Basic Property Maintenance professionals located in towns and cities all over Australia, they’re pumping money back into their local community and economy, which is a win/win for their town, city, state and the Australian economy.
  • Clean is hygienic and safe – We’ve yet to meet anyone who likes having graffiti on his or her fence, building or signage, or sticky gum on walkways, mould, dirt or grime or car park with faded, worn or no line marking. That’s why Basic Property Maintenance provides the complete graffiti removal, high pressure clean, directional and line marking and sealing services that save you time, money and frustration.
  • Fixed prices – Some services out there will quote you and then hit you with extra hidden charges. If additional services are needed we’ll bring this up with you when you get your free quote. What we quote you is what it will cost.
  • Respect your property and “never knew we were there policy”. We understand how hard you’ve worked for what you have. That’s why we treat your property like it was our own and always clean up after ourselves so you’d never even know we were there.

To find out more about Basic Property Maintenance shopping centre graffiti removal or our other shopping centre maintenance services, and for a free quote, call 0403 596 251 or fill in the form at top of the page to get your complimentary product and services guide and how to select the right maintenance company for your property.