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Pressure cleaning

High pressure water cleaning – is invaluable for a number of reasons. Over the years our high pressure cleaning services have helped people protect their property, business or asset by removing dirt, grime, fungus and mould from house roofs, pathways, concrete slabs, eaves, building sites, factory floors, huge factory water tanks and many other places.

Of course, many people think you just aim and fire your high pressure cleaner, which just isn’t true. Ensuring your chemical balance is correct and removing the dirt without damaging your property is a skill that should only be carried out by a qualified and insured tradesperson.

If you have graffiti either at your residence, business, council or government amenity and would like to know more about removing it, contact us on: 0403 596 251 or fill in form at top of the page to get your complimentary product and services guide and learn how to select the right maintenance company for your property.